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This jewel of a spa town, 12km from the château, is famous for its thermal cures, massages and its warm water springs. Dating back to Roman times it was added to by Napoleon III with splendid buildings like the Opera, Grand Casino, Antique gallery, etc.

Chateau de Randan, 7km from here and formerly part of the same royal estate as Chateau de Maulmont, re-opens for visiting after years of closure and extensive works. Princesse Adélaïde, sister of King Louis Philippe, who had Chateau de Maulmont built as her hunting lodge in 1830, was also the owner of Chateau de Randan.

A visit to Charroux in the Bourbonnais, just 40 km from here, promises great charm and character ! The village is famous for its mustard that is used by several great chefs and exported around the world, but this former fortified village and centre of trade has other things to show off too.

La Montagne Bourbonnaise, situated in the south-east of the department Allier (and only 20 mins from the chateau), are a range of beautiful gently rolling mid altitude mountains between the "Bois Noirs" and "Monts de la Madeleine".

A unique volcanic area (50km from here) with majestic scenery, lush green valleys, sparkling rivers, ideal for touring, walking, biking or canoeing. 80 volcanoes stretching over 60 km.

The Panoramique des Dômes electric rack railway takes you on a journey to the top of the "Chaîne des Puys" and a landscape with constantly changing colours and lights. Come and experience, or reexperience, this imposing natural location.

Rides, interactive platforms, 5D films and high-tech innovations will allow you to experience the Earth through amazing attractions and activities. At Vulcania, learning is exciting too...

The vineyards of the Saint-Pourçain valley are amongst the oldest in France with their origins in Gallo-Roman times.  Nowadays, the vineyards of St Pourçain cover 600 hectares and 19 villages.  Follow the wine route to meet the winemakers.

The Gorges de la Sioule , extending between Menat et Ebreuil to the west of Vichy (40km from here), is a naturally wild and pictoresque landscape dotted with steep rock faces in pink granite.The gorges all the way along the river Sioule provide the possibility for fishing and canoeing.

L’Aventure Michelin spreads over two levels of a former industrial space of 2,000m² on the Cataroux site. The original architecture, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, has been preserved. These thematic and chronological exhibitions are dedicated to the past, present and future of the Michelin Group.

Auvergne Outdoor is a free smartphone application (iOS et Android). A very useful collection of walking and cycling routes at your fingertips.

The museum and its manufacturing workshops tell of 6 centuries of knifemaking, with a wonderful collection of knives dating from the 16th century to the present day. Workshops, knife manufacturing demonstration, sound and light shows and a knife shop. 

This is a magnificent course, originally created in 1908, and it provides challenges for players of all levels. This is a very flat course situated along the banks of the Allier river with raised fairways and greens defended by an abundance of bunkers. An elegant Clubhouse with a bar and a very good restaurant indoor & on the terrace.

Designed by architects James Engh and Thierry Sprecher the course, which is open all year, is subtly drawn in the middle of a beautiful forest of oaks. While gently rolling fairways seem generous, the permanent presence of the forest, a few water hazards and numerous streams provide challenges for the pro and keen amateur alike. Clubhouse with a good restaurant.

Nestled in the calm surrounded by pine trees and with the volcanoes providing a unique backdrop. An 18 hole course of inernational standard, par 72 and 6495 meters long. Gererous wide fairways with plenty of natural obstacles and greens spread over many levels. This is a challenging course, appreciated by pros and amateurs with a good handicap.

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